Libertarian Lawyer

      Michael S. Wolf is a lawyer who has practiced in South Louisiana since 1973.  He has had a varied career, working in many different fields of legal practice, civil and criminal, and representing a great diversity of clients, including banks, commercial corporations, small businesses, and individuals in all walks of life.  Wolf is in active practice as an attorney and adviser.  In addition to personally handling a great variety of matters, he often refers persons to other practitioners or functions as supervising or consulting counsel. 

    Over the years Wolf has been admitted to practice in particular litigation in the states of Michigan, Illinois, and Virginia.  In 2015 he was admitted to the Bar of the District of Columbia.  In 2016 he was admitted to the Bar of New York.

     Following is a résumé of Wolf's professional background.


Personal résumé of Michael S. Wolf


     Persons interested in contacting Michael Wolf or discussing any legal issues with him can contact him by email at michaelswolf@bellsouth.net or telephone him at 225-923-0499.