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Citizenship for a Better World

          This website provides access to the views and activities of Michael S. Wolf, and to many of his sources and collaborators. It is divided generally into sections on politics, philosophy, law practice, and personal interaction. A unifying theme of the site is the intention to develop understanding of libertarian philosophy, ethics, and citizenship.  
          Michael Wolf is a lawyer, writer, and political activist who resides primarily in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  While practicing law for 47 years, Wolf has worked to promote libertarian values through litigation, public-interest lobbying, political organizing, election campaigns, public speaking, and private exhortation.  For about 20 years Wolf was an activist and spokesman for the Libertarian Party of Louisiana.  Today he no longer holds any formal position with that organization, but he remains a member of the Libertarian Party.  He is currently writing a history of the Libertarian Party of Louisiana that will soon be published in stages on this website.
Citizenship as a civic virtue springs from the personal values of the citizens.  Michael Wolf, from his formative  christian years to his buddhist maturity, has long been concerned about questions of morality and ethics.  Believing that public morality must be rooted in personal ethics, Wolf often invokes spiritual practice and ethical philosophy for guidance in the development of strategies for social and political change.  In particular, he often applies the practices of buddhism, especially meditation and mindfulness, to the resolution of political and psychological conflicts.    

          Ultimately people inhabit the world they make with their ideas and choices.  The factors contributing to personal insight into the nature of existence and experience are also the most powerful factors in the development of civic virtue.  Unless the community is composed of intelligent, healthy people, it will never generate a decent, intelligent government.  MICHAELSWOLF.COM is dedicated to the pursuit of a practical moral vision capable of generating both personal satisfaction and a prosperous, happy community.


          Commentary by Michael Wolf on subjects of current interest can be found from time to time on the Politics, Dharma, and Law pages of MICHAELSWOLF.COM.  Readers are encouraged to respond to the ideas presented on this website with any comments or questions they may wish to submit.  Until an interactive message function has been added to this site, communications can be sent by email to msw@michaelswolf.com

          The forerunner of this site was one called Worldwinds.com, which was initiated, but never completed, by Michael Wolf and Charles Perrodin in 1999 and 2000.  Worldwinds was an effort to generate an international web portal comprising the subject matter of MICHAELSWOLF.COM along with other, more ephemeral material.  Wolf looks forward to the eventual rebirth of Worldwinds.com as a page of MICHAELSWOLF.COM that will present constructive resources for citizenship and self-development.